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Ways to Reduce the Pain of Braces
01 Jun 2018
June 1, 2018

Braces can ultimately lead to healthy and beautiful smiles, but they take time to show their action, and in that intermediate time period, one may suffer pain and discomfort of varying degrees. The susceptibility to pain increases after adjusting the wires of the braces. A visit to the orthodontist is required every four to six weeks to check the progress as well as for adjustments if any, these adjustments can cause increased pressure on the gums and the teeth. We look at some ways to reduce the pain of the braces while having the perfect smile.

Consuming cold food and using ice packs

Ice is a natural painkiller, and rubbing ice on any part of the body helps to reduce and alleviate pain. In a similar manner, ice packs can give maximum relief and alleviate the excess pressure from the teeth and gums after adjustment of the braces. Alternatively, cold food and drinks such as ice creams or milkshakes can help reducing the pain and inflammation and give long lasting relief.

Gargling with salt water

Salt has been used for years as a medicine, and salt mixed in lukewarm water can work wonders on sores and wounds caused due to braces brushing against the gums and the teeth. Gargling and/or swishing for just a minute with this salt and water combination can give relief from the irritation caused by the braces.

Consuming softer foods

Eating food which has a hard texture can increase the irritation around the inflamed gums and teeth and cause further discomfort, so it is advised to consume foods which are softer in texture. Food such as yogurt, softies and soups among others are nutritious as well as cause the least irritation to the already sore gums and teeth.

Mouth Guards, Teething Rings and Orthodontic Wax

Mouth guards can be a big boon to protect the sore teeth and gums from brushing against the braces and causing further discomfort. Although generally used to protect the teeth and the gums during sporting activities, they can also be used with braces if the brackets or wires are causing irritation to you. Teething rings can also be used to shield the sore gums from the wires of the braces, with frozen teething rings being more effective against the pain and soreness caused. Orthodontic wax can be used as a lubricant to allow for smoother operation between the wires of the braces and the gums and the tooth and prevent friction from causing irritation and itching.

Heating Pads

Heating pads can also be used to reduce pain from the braces, especially in the lower jaw region. A warm washcloth can also be used as a substitute for a heating pad. In general, a heating pad can be a great substitute in case cold treatment has not yielded any results. Usage of heating pads multiple times a day can lead to lasting effects.

Anesthetic and Painkillers

If all else fails, usage of anesthetics and painkillers are surely known to give relief. Anesthetic gels can be used on the regions of the mouth where braces are causing the most discomfort to provide instant relief from pain and pressure. On the other hand, painkillers can also help to get rid of the pain, but make sure to consult your dentist before consuming painkillers.

The team at Williams family and cosmetic dentistry take great care to ensure that brace adjustment is a painless and a hassle free procedure for the patient. Their caring staff go the extra mile to ensure the most pleasant yet professional experience for all patients seeking an avenue of relief from dental pain.

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