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Remineralizing Teeth Enamel
15 Jun 2018
June 15, 2018

One of the key causes for increased pain and sensitivity as well as increased chances of cavities and other dental ailments can be traced to the enamel, specifically the demineralization of enamel. The solution to this is to remineralize the enamel to make it stronger and more resilient and we would discuss ways and measures to remineralize enamel as well as know how to avoid their demineralization. But let us first know about demineralization and how it is caused.

Demineralization is caused when the mineral levels in the enamel of the tooth decreases due to the constant attacks of acids and bacteria. It shreds away the hard layers of the tooth enamel bit by bit making it more vulnerable and weaker and ultimately more susceptible to cavities and other dental problems. It also makes the teeth look less appealing and leading to shoddier smiles, while also contributing to bad breath. As the teeth gets rougher, tartar and plaque are more readily attracted to it.

The major cause of demineralization is the consumption of sugar and sugar rich foods which cause the growth and proliferation of bacteria and germs in the mouth which in turn, release acids which slowly erode away the top layer of the teeth. Brushing too hard and not following oral habits also contribute to demineralization. Enamel, when once eroded, cannot be regenerated and as it is not living tissue and no other body part is capable of generating it. But, remineralization can help to reverse the erosion in a significant way.

The main substance used for remineralization is fluoride, a mineral found commonly. Fluoride is a godsend to dental health in general, and is commonly administered to the teeth with the help of toothpastes through their foaming action. Dentists also use a foaming gel containing fluoride after dental procedures to protect and strengthen the teeth and such gels are also available in the market for one to buy and apply them on their own.

Some cities even add a bit of fluoride to their water supply systems due to their benefits. But care must be taken not to overdo the application of fluoride, as it can then lead to detrimental effects for both the tooth and other body parts and can even lead to an allergic reaction for some patients.

In some poor and underdeveloped countries, demineralization is also caused due to the lack of minerals, as they do not consume their food properly due to a wide variety of reasons. Ultimately it becomes extremely important to consume foods rich in calcium and fluoride to ensure the process of remineralization occurs rapidly. Chewing sugar free gum would also help in production of saliva, which naturally protects the teeth from demineralization.

The dental team at Williams Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can help you remineralize your teeth as well as help you with other dental ailments. The efficient and professional team strives to make every dental experience worthy and a pleasurable experience for their patients.

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