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Mouthguards for Athletes in Charlotte

20 Dec 2019
December 20, 2019

Where Can You Get High-Quality Athletic Mouthguards in the University Area?

 Mouthguards, mouth protectors and sports guards are different names that all pertain to a single device that protects the teeth and the mouth from any injuries that can be sustained during sports activities. 

Every athlete wants to avoid injuries at all costs. While the rules, equipment and conditioning in sports have greatly improved in preventing common types of injuries such as a sprain, concussion and muscle tear, there is one type of injury that has been sometimes ignored – orofacial injuries. 

Orofacial injuries don’t happen frequently even in contact and extreme sports, however, its occurrence is enough to sideline players and affect the outcome of the game. Therefore, mouthguards are an indispensable piece of athletic equipment that can ensure the safety of athletes.

Who Needs Athletic Mouthguards?

Dental injuries caused by sport-related activities are often associated with hockey, basketball, baseball and boxing. However, orofacial injuries are also prevalent in a number of other sports, many of which can be surprising, such as biking, horseback riding, gymnastics, skydiving, acrobatics and surfing. 

Despite the risk of dental injuries happening in sports, the use of mouthguards is relatively low. It has been reported that the majority of children who play baseball, basketball and soccer do not wear a mouthguard during practices and games.

Because of the nature of activities in contact and extreme sports, athletes who participate in these kinds of sports should wear mouthguards to protect themselves from orofacial injuries. The Academy of General Dentistry suggests that athletes who play basketball, wrestling, softball, lacrosse, soccer, rugby and martial arts should wear mouthguards when competing.

Different Kinds of Mouthguards

When choosing a mouthguard for athletic use, you should always opt for ones that are durable, tear-resistant and made from high-quality materials. Another deciding factor that you should consider when purchasing a mouthguard is that it should be comfortable and fits your mouth properly. There are 3 common types of athletic mouthguards: 

Boil and bite: this type of mouthguard comes in pre-formed shape. However, athletes can change the shape of the mouthguard by boiling it in water and biting it when it softens. This will allow the mouthguard to create a more customized fit. 

Stock: this is a pre-formed and ready-to-wear mouthguard. Stock mouthguards are inexpensive but can often do not fit very well because of their bulk which also makes talking difficult.

Custom-made: custom-made mouthguard provides the most comfortable fit and the best protection against injuries but is usually the most expensive among all other mouthguards. This type of mouthguard is preferred by most athletes because it fits and feels better. 

Benefits of Using Mouthguards

The most common benefit of using mouthguards is injury prevention. Mouthguards are often used to prevent dental injuries, however, this athletic equipment can also prevent concussions. Mouthguards can play a significant role in preventing concussions whenever a direct impact to the base of the skull happens. 

Trauma caused by orofacial injuries results in tremendous pain and tooth loss. In serious cases, this type of injury can also cause greater impairment and can end a sports career. Understanding the benefits of using mouthguards can help decrease the occurrence of these incidents.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Athletic Mouthguards in the University Area?

Protect your teeth with our high-quality mouthguards. Williams Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is the number one source for athletic mouthguards in the University Charlotte Area. 

We help young athletes to prevent injuries by providing them with custom-made mouthguards that offer the best protection against injuries caused by high-intensity sports. 

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