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Dental Implants Now Stronger with New Method
06 Apr 2016
April 6, 2016

People place a lot of emphasis on their looks. One of the first things that people notice is a smile. Bad teeth and a bad smile might cause some people to avoid social situations. Certainly, those with jagged, yellowed, broken, or discolored teeth, look for a way to remedy the problem. One solution is dental implants. Our dental implants specialist states that the implants offer a natural appearance and, in fact, cosmetic dentists explain that dental implants are now stronger with a new method. This has led to a vast improvement in cosmetic dentistry.

Previously, dental implants had to become fixated in the jawbones before the wearer could resume their normal activities, which included chewing or eating food. Now, a new drug has hit the market and caused a lot of new interest in the dental implants. The new interest concerns the drug that is applied to the titanium screws that hold the implants in the bone. According to leading researchers, the drug coating allows for better adhesion to the bone.

Per Aspenberg, is the researcher involved in the study. He is a leading professor of orthopedic surgery at Linköping University, which is located in Sweden. The study was also covered in the British Medical Journal. Here is their finding. The study involved 16 patients that were fitted with the dental implants. One group received normal implants while the other received implants treated with the drug. The study revealed that the dental implants were much stronger with the new method that used the drug coating.

Studies show that this is actually a great improvement over the previous method that was used for dental implants. The new method actually reinforced the bone that surrounded the dental implant. Therefore, it was easier for the wearer to continue their normal activities like eating and chewing their food with confidence, even in social situations. Surprisingly, this method achieved success using localized medication. The method introduced bisphosphonates devised by Per Aspenberg.

Indeed, dental implants now stronger with new method are gaining a great deal of attention. Those that are interested in dental implants should consider this new innovative method. The fact is our cosmetic dentist in Charlotte University Area is familiar and experienced with this new method. This dental method is one of the latest cosmetic dentistry innovations making an enormous impact in dentistry.

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