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Good oral hygiene is important for healthy teeth and gums and requires more than just good brushing and flossing habits. During your cleaning and wellness screening, Dr. Williams and Dr. Farzin will review your medical and dental health history and any questions or concerns you may have to gather a complete picture of your current oral health. Digital radiographs (x-rays), digital pictures, examination of your jaw joints (TMJ) and the associated muscles, examination of hard and soft tissues of the mouth, and an oral cancer screening will take place.

If your gums are healthy, they may recommend a preventative treatment that includes thorough cleaning. For patients with gingivitis or gum disease periodontal therapy may be in order. Either way, they will customize an ongoing hygiene schedule for your individual needs.

Routine check-ups every 6 months are important to stay ahead of any problems that can occur and can eliminate the need for additional treatments. Check out our articles on good oral hygiene:

We offer a FREE Sonicare toothbrush to our Cleaning & Wellness Screening patients. Call our office today to make an appointment for your routine screening.

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