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Brush Your Teeth the Right Way
15 Aug 2018
August 15, 2018

When it comes to brushing teeth, many people might think that there is no “right” or “wrong” way. However many people think that as long as they are brushing their teeth in any way at all that they are doing it correctly. The truth is that there is a correct way to brush your teeth and there is also an incorrect way to brush your teeth. The correct way of brushing your teeth is very important in many ways.

How are you currently brushing your teeth? Is it the correct technique and with the correct toothbrush? One step in the direction of correct tooth brushing is to be using a toothbrush that is the right fit for your mouth. Your toothbrush should be a reasonable size relative to your mouth and must be able to reach all areas of your mouth without causing problems or pain. A toothbrush with soft bristles is going to be what you need to brush your teeth correctly. A toothbrush with worn out bristles however is not going to be able to help you to brush your teeth in the correct way so be sure to replace your toothbrush every few months or when you see the bristles start to get worn out. Always make sure to brush your teeth two times a day to keep them clean.

To start brushing your teeth the correct way, as stated above use a soft-bristled toothbrush that is not worn out. Brush your teeth two times every single day. While you are brushing your teeth be sure to brush in a circular motion back and forth. Do not simply brush your teeth left to right, back and forth or up and down. This is an incorrect way to brush your teeth and one of the many mistakes people often make. Be sure to brush all teeth and all sides of those teeth. Do not just brush the outer part or the tops of the teeth. You must be sure to brush the inner and outer surfaces of your teeth as well as the part you use to chew also known as the chewing surfaces.

The problem with only brushing your teeth is that bacteria and pieces of previously eaten food stick around in between your individual teeth in spots that your toothbrush just can’t reach. Keeping all parts of your teeth clean is essential to a healthy mouth and smile. To do this properly, not only do you need to brush your teeth twice a day but you also need to floss your teeth daily. This will not only clean bits of food out from between your teeth but it will also remove any plaque build up while also cleaning and keeping your gums healthy. Follow all these steps and you will be sure to improve your tooth brushing technique as well as your overall oral health.

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