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4 Simple Ways to Maintain That Recently Whitened Smile
02 Aug 2016
August 2, 2016

The importance of keeping the teeth whitened should not be downplayed. There are certain routines, which you need to incorporate in your lifestyle to make that stunning white smile last since this is not a permanent change. You must observe a number of practices after visiting a Charlotte dentist for teeth whitening. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Avoid Exposure to Stains
    At times, teeth lose their color due to exposure to products and foods that lead to the appearance of stains. Foods that can stain your teeth include beverages such as tea and coffee. Alcoholic drinks such as red wine can also discolor your teeth soon after whitening. Their intake therefore needs to be regulated. In this regard, you should use straws whenever you take such drinks. The use of these objects minimizes contact between the teeth and harmful products. This reduces the possibility of your teeth getting stained, thus helping you maintain that whitened smile.
  2. Use of a Whitening Gel Pen
    After your dental exams, most dentists recommend the use of a whitening gel pen. Whitening gel pens are easily advisable in most drugstores. They offer you flexibility since you can maintain your teeth at any place. You are only required to rinse your mouth with water to remove food remnants. Thereafter, the gel is applied onto the outer surfaces of the teeth.
  3. Regular Teeth Brushing
    This remains the best way of maintaining that newly acquired and healthy smile. Brushing teeth regularly removes plaque, tartar and any other stains that might have formed on your teeth’s external surface. Dental experts recommend that you use whitening toothpaste twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening.
  4. Avoid Smoking
    It is quite difficult to find a smoker who has pearl white teeth. This alone shows how detrimental smoking is to the dental system. You cannot maintain that white smile for long if you smoke because nicotine and other harmful substances always get deposited on the teeth. This makes them appear darker regardless of the number of visits that you make to a Charlotte dentist.

Periodic dental exams can go a long way in keeping your teeth whitened. Antiseptic mouthwash similarly comes in handy since it kills bacteria, which cause plaque and yellowing of teeth. If you need an extensive dental examination, contact our office and schedule an appointment with our dentists.

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