Prevent & Treat Gum Disease with Tips from Our University Area Dentist

Avoid Needing Gum Disease Treatment

It is vital for everyone to prevent gum disease to avoid loss of teeth. Most periodontal disease is a result of neglect, but other reasons for the condition include cancer that damages the body’s immune system. Periodontal disease begins by affecting the gum tissue where teeth grow. When someone develops inflammation in the soft tissues of the mouth, immediate gum disease treatment is necessary to avoid infection.

An University Area dentist offers these tips to keep gums healthy.

Tip 1: Brush Teeth with Fluoridated Toothpaste

Everyone should brush their teeth at least twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste that will strengthen dental enamel. Brushing for an extended amount of time is recommended to ensure all surfaces of teeth are cleaned thoroughly.

Tip 2: Floss Teeth at Least Once a Day

In addition to brushing teeth in the evening, make a habit of flossing to remove food debris between teeth and along the gums. Choose dental floss that is easy to fit between teeth and below the gums to remove debris.

Tip 3: Consume a Healthy Diet

A nutritious diet is one of the body’s best defenses by building strong bones and ligaments to prevent gum disease. Consume an assortment of fruits, vegetables and whole grains along with protein and dairy products.

Tip 4: Avoid Eating Sticky Foods

Foods such as potato chips and candy stick to the teeth’s surfaces to create plaque that contains bacteria that leads to dental decay. It is best to avoid eating sticky foods or plan on brushing and flossing immediately afterwards.

Tip 5: Rinse the Mouth after Eating

Rinsing food and beverage debris from the mouth with water can help to keep breath fresh and avoid inflammation of soft tissues. Make rinsing with water a habit after eating meals and snacks to prevent gum disease.

Tip 6: Routine Dental Appointments

By visiting a University Area dentist every six months, small problems such as cavities are found and a patient’s teeth are professionally cleaned. The removal of tartar from teeth is one of the best ways to avoid inflammation that requires gum disease treatment.

Tip 7: Keep the Body Hydrated

A hydrated body leads to a mouth with saliva that keeps tissues moist. If someone has the condition of chronic dry mouth, then they need to stimulate the salivary glands by sucking on sugar-free candies or chewing sugar-free gum.