Could Your Smile Benefit from You Using a Straw?

Teeth stains are unsightly, and commonly cause a person to lose confidence in themselves. They smile less, because they do not want to face the embarrassment that comes with people seeing the stains. When that happens, it can lead to struggles both personally and professionally. Did you know that something as simple as a straw can help your confidence by allowing your teeth to avoid staining? It’s true!

Benefits of Using a Straw to Drink Through

Could Your Smile Benefit from You Using a StrawWhen you drink through a straw, the enamel of your teeth has the opportunity to come into less contact with what you are drinking. This means that the liquids go from the cup to an area further back in your mouth, not directly on your teeth. You can drink faster and have less interaction between your beverages of choice and your teeth when you opt for a straw. This can help your teeth have fewer stains to deal with in the long-run.

On top of not having as many dental stains, your teeth also have the benefit of not struggling with as much sensitivity when you drink through a straw. People who struggle with sensitive teeth need help coping sometimes. A straw is one of the first options in terms of coping mechanisms. They allow your beverage to bypass the sensitive areas of your teeth, leaving you with less pain.

If you want to find out other benefits of using a straw to drink, consider talking to us here at Williams Family Dentistry. We can help you see just how much of a benefit you could get out of using a straw, plus, we can also help you with tooth whitening if you are struggling with discolored teeth. Give us a call today, and let us help you get the confident, bright, white smile you have yearned for.

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