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Should Your Mouthwash Have Alcohol In It?

November 15th, 2017

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Should Your Mouthwash Have Alcohol In It?

Numerous mouthwashes on the market have alcohol in them. You can notice this taste in your mouth, as well as a dry feeling after using a product that has it. Some want to know if this is something that you truly need in order to get the clean feeling that mouthwash brings. Ask our professionals, does your mouthwash have alcohol in it, and if it is really necessary?

Should Mouthwash Have Alcohol in it?

Many mouthwashes have alcohol in them to provide a cleaning factor for the mouth. However, this can not only dry out the mouth and cause further dental problems, but this can also increase the risks of getting oral cancer according to some dentists in the field.

In order to have a clean mouthwash feeling, you can purchase mouthwashes that do not have the alcohol listed as an ingredient in them. Search for the ingredients, then find any alcohol that might be listed. Natural mouthwashes do not put alcohol in them.

While the alcohol can surely kill bacteria, it can also kill off any good bacteria that is working with your mouth to keep a healthy balance. You want to stay away from having this happen. Have a healthier mouth by using the right dental products and regular cleanings and checkups from a quality dentist in your area.

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